Federal Judge Orders Unemployment Payouts For Uber, Lyft Drivers

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that rideshare drivers must receive state unemployment benefits within 45 days. A group of drivers and an advocacy group called the New York Taxi Workers Alliance sued Gov. Andrew Cuomo in late May, arguing that Uber and Lyft drivers were entitled to benefits and that the state was stalling in paying them.

Ridesharing companies have long maintained that the drivers are independent contractors and therefore aren’t entitled to unemployment benefits. The matter was complicated by COVID-19 relief funding directed toward contractors.

In the ruling for the drivers, U.S. District Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall wrote: “Defendants have no cognizable interest in failing to pay benefits to (For Hire Vehicles) claimants when due. Defendants’ only argument advanced on this point is that [in] the current economic climate, it would be imprudent to dedicate resources to providing preliminary relief requested by Plaintiffs. To the contrary, it is precisely because of the current economic climate that such immediate relief is demanded.”

Judge orders New York to pay unemployment benefits to Uber, Lyft drivers

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